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About Your Home Inspection

Why a home Inspection?

  • The purpose of an home inspection is to provide useful and relevant information about the home you're about to buy...to remove some of the worry about home ownership, and to provide peace of mind.


  • The PIT Formula:   Some time ago, the PIT (principal, interest & taxes) formula was expanded to include heating costs.  And more recently, it has become universally recognized that repair and maintenance also have a significant bearing on the cost of home ownership.  Most often the costs are relatively low, with respect to the overall value of the home - but can sometimes become an unexpected or even un-manageable burden. 

  • Our objective:   The objective of an Electrospec inspection is to provide prospective purchasers with useful and relevant information about the house they are buying.

    This information is designed to:


1. ensure purchasers are comfortable with the information they have about the home, by explaining it’s various parts and systems in everyday language,
2. remove the mystery and worry about home ownership and provide peace of mind,

3. assist in budgeting for the next 3-5 years by providing approximate costs to maintain and service the home, and
4. offer solutions to any significant findings that may arise during the course of the inspection.

The guidelines provided by Electrospec are based on what is typical or average for the home, given it's age and construction type.

  • The two-pass inspection system:   Electrospec's building inspections are performed in two parts or 'passes' and are designed to provide maximum efficiency and accuracy of reporting.

    • On the first pass of the house the inspector goes through and around the house on his own, systematically inspecting each of the systems and components, and simultaneously creating a written report describing his findings.
    • On the second pass of the house, clients are invited to accompany the inspector through the house while he verbally describes his findings.   The goal of the second pass is to overview the inspector's findings and provide as much information as possible to assist the purchaser in understanding the home.  If there are questions or areas not presented by the inspector, our clients are always welcome to ask for clarification or further explanation.
    • The purpose of this system is to allow the inspector to focus his undivided attention on the house and the report during the first pass and to allow as much time and detail as is necessary to perform a comprehensive inspection.  On the second pass, the inspector can focus his complete and undivided attention on his clients, to ensure they have all the information needed to feel comfortable with any decisions to be made about the house.  Time permitting, the inspector may also be able to provide maintenance and repair hints during the second pass. 
    • If and when deficiencies are noted the inspector will provide rough estimates of the costs, in terms of time and/or money, to have items repaired or replaced.

  • The inspection report  is bundled with the Home Reference Book , and ready for you at the end of the inspection.   The Book contains 400 pages of text, including 160 illustrations, cross-referenced to your inspection report forms.  This system is widely accepted as the best in the business!
  • Follow-up service:   Telephone consultation is provided at no extra cost, for as long as you own your home.  We can answer your questions and provide information about products, materials and methods, provide referrals and help you along the way.  There's no extra charge.
  • Scope of the inspection:  The inspection service we provide is a visual inspection.  The report is the opinion of the individual inspector based on his or her experience and knowledge of construction practices and home operation.  The inspection is intended to be a comprehensive overview of the primary structure of the property and is not, and should not be considered, an exhaustive detailed inspection of each system and component.  It is our goal that our services meet or exceed the standards for professional home inspections specified by the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors.

The intent of our service is to provide you, the prospective home owner, with information about homes in general and your new home in particular.  Any home inspection service is informational in nature and in no way a guarantee or warranty on the home or its systems and components.  Warrantees can be purchased separately and we suggest you further investigate the products available if this is what you are looking for.

courtesy of: Gil Strachan, Electrospec