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Tips for Preparing Your Home for Sale

Detach your emotions
Remember, you are about to sell this house and the goal is to create a space in which as many people as possible will be able to envision as their potential home.  To properly prepare your home for sale you will have to pack away many of your personal items, including photos, souvenirs and other mementos.


Clean and re-organize
Clean your home from top to bottom and make sure all appliances are spotless.  Reorganize the closets and pack away some of your belongings.  Storage room is a priority for buyers and a full closet does a poor job of showcasing the amount of storage room available.  If you’re using a spare room for storage, pack away the clutter and ensure the space is properly furnished. .

Furnish empty properties and rooms
People buy homes not houses.  Empty rooms make it hard for buyers to get a good sense of the space.  Large rooms look cavernous and small rooms look even smaller when empty.  Oddly shaped rooms make it especially hard for buyers to visualize how to arrange the room.  Staging your empty property with the right furniture is key to ensuring that buyers will be able to visualize living in the space.

Brighten and lighten
Light-filled rooms are always appealing.  Open blinds and make sure your windows are sparkling clean.  If there are no windows in the room, make sure the lighting is adequate and keep all the lights on when showing the property, even during the day. A fresh coat of neutral coloured paint goes a long way to brighten up the space.
Set the dinner table for a formal dinner, light the fireplace on a cold day, and add some fresh flowers to your décor.  Creating the proper atmosphere helps buyers envision themselves living in your home.


Spark your buyer’s imagination

Fix minor repairs
Buyers prefer to see a home in move-in condition, even small things such as a dripping faucet can detract from the value of your home. 


Don’t be too unique
Keep your décor simple and modern with neutral wall colours.  Unusual accessories and strong wall colours will limit your pool of buyers. This is also true for renovations. The right renovations can often boost the price of a home but be careful not to do it with too much flair.  Your unique style may set you apart but it will also shrink your potential pool of buyers.  Remember to keep it simple and modern.

Keep your neighbourhood in mind when renovating
Actual returns on renovations depend not only on the renovations itself but also on how your home compares to your neighbours’.  If your home is already above market value for your neighbourhood, your renovation may not yield a higher return.  Buyers looking at moderately priced homes won’t be able to pay a premium for luxury finishes. Ask your Realtor to give you an assessment of homes in your area before embarking on costly renovations.

Improve security
Household security is a sought after feature in homes and simple measures such as adding window locks and motion sensor lights outside can boost the attractiveness of your property.  In densely populated urban areas, simple additions such as blinds and shutters are good additions to provide privacy.

The Appeal Of Stainless Steel
How did a material once relegated to the cold confines of commercial kitchens become the hottest trend in kitchen decorating? By getting the word out that it is extremely durable, hygienic, and water and heat resistant. Not to mention that it possesses eye-grabbing appeal.

First introduced to the residential market ten years ago, stainless steel has gained remarkable popularity in a relatively short period of time. Rarely is a new house complete or a kitchen renovation concluded without the addition of distinctive stainless steel appliances. The fridge, stove and dishwasher are the most traditional of stainless steel offerings, but recently the surge for steel has resulted in stainless countertops, cabinet faces and backsplashes. Although first depicted as a decorating trend, it is quickly becoming clear that stainless steel is a mainstream style that is here to stay.

Some homeowners are hesitant to decorate with the glossy steel for fear it will give off a cold feeling, not suited for a family kitchen. This is hardly the case if the material is mixed and matched with common kitchen materials. For instance, blending warm traditional kitchen finishes like maple or cherry cabinets with stainless steel will result in a fantastic, unique contrast. Stainless is also versatile enough to be partnered in a kitchen with black, white or bisque appliances.

The durability of stainless is another element of great appeal. The material is highly resistant to rust, discolouration and corrosion, easily maintaining its professional appearance for years. Perhaps the only drawback stainless possesses is its tendency to scratch easily, although some find the occasional mark adds character and substance. It also has an inclination to attract fingerprints, which can be a concern if children roam your home.

Fortunately, stainless steel is not a difficult material to maintain. Cleaning involves a wash down with a mild detergent, a rinse and then a polish with a dry cloth. Of course, before outfitting your kitchen with stainless steel style, be sure you have a proper bulletin board, as the non-magnetic tendencies of stainless make hanging your families' schedules on the fridge next to impossible. Depending on your perspective, this may be stainless steel's greatest quality of all!